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Badgr is a free and open source platform for badge issuing, management, and tracking user achievements. Every Badgr user may use the service as a backpack for the badges they've earned and an issuing platform for achievements they want to recognize for others. Badgr accounts are available for free on

Badgr is an Open Badges backpack provider, meaning it can store and manage badges issued from any Open Badges-compliant issuer on the web. There are thousands of programs awarding portable badges compatible with this specification.



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About us

Badgr is brought to you by Concentric Sky, an award-winning software firm located in Eugene, Oregon. We design and build mobile, web, and enterprise software solutions for prominent organizations around the world including NASA, the National Science Foundation, Encyclopedia Britannica, and The World Bank.

Check out Badgr, where you can sign up for a free account.

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