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Follow the steps below to share your badge to LinkedIn. You don't even need to create a Badgr account first!

Sharing from a Badgr Account

You can also share badges in collections by creating a Badgr account. Create a Badgr account to get started! See How do I share my badges in Badgr?


From your award email:

When you earn a badge in Badgr, the issuer usually opts to send you an award email.

  1. Click the badge image in the email to be taken to the badge verification page.

An example award image. Click the badge image at the top to reach the award page. Badge verification page

Create a LinkedIn Certification:

With the badge verification page open in 

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn profile and go to your profile page.
  2. Look for the button, Add a new profile section.
  3. Click Add Accomplishment, then click Certifications from the drop-down menu. Eenter the following data in the form that appears:
    1. Certification Name: Copy and paste the badge name from the badge verification page
    2. Certification Authority: Type the name of the badge issuer. If you see a LinkedIn page appear that matches the issuer, click it to select that issuer.
    3. License Number: Leave blank or paste the unique ID from the badge verification page URL bar that looks like: bcd41b91-a83f-4dae-a51f-cd979a6cc8b8
    4. Certification URL: paste the URL of the award page you opened from your email.
    5. Dates: Enter the date that appears on the badge verification page.
    6. Check the box for This certificate does not expire.
  4. Click Save.

Your new badge will appear on your LinkedIn profile for all your contacts to see and verify. The image that appears on LinkedIn for now will be the logo of the issuer, not the unique badge image, but we hope that LinkedIn will adapt to more fully understand Open Badges in the future and make badge images available right on your profile.