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Define an issuer profile for your Canvas course

The first task is to define or select an Issuer profile to use for your course. When you first visit the Badges tab of your course, you'll see a list of the Issuer profiles you've already defined for your Badgr account. You can select any one of these or define a brand new one now.

What you select will appear as the Issuer for all the badges you award in this course, so make sure it matches the description of how you would like to present badges


Select Badges for Modules

Once you select an Issuer, you'll be taken to the course Objectives tab in the Badgr app. This is where you decide which of your Canvas modules you would like to award a badge to students for completing.

For each module, you may select a badge you've previously defined in Badgr (under the selected issuer profile), or define a new badge (see How do I define a badge to award in Badgr?).

Not every Canvas module needs a badge – only the modules you want to recognize with a badge

Once you've selected badges for your Canvas modules, they will be listed in the Objectives tab.

Check Canvas course Progress

Once students complete the requirements for Canvas course modules, their badges will appear in the Progress tab (see How do I track Canvas course progress as a Teacher using Badgr?)


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