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Before enabling a leaderboard, an instructor must first configure Badgr to automatically award badges in the course.

What is the Badgr Leaderboard?

Badgr's course Leaderboard is a privacy-aware method of allowing students to track each other's progress through a Canvas course learning pathway – adding an element of gamification to their learning.

Enabling the Badgr course Leaderboard in Canvas

Instructors who have the Badgr app in their courses have a Leaderboard tab. The leaderboard is disabled by default, but instructors can enable it for their course by checking Enable Leaderboard.


Once enabled, instructors and students will be able to access the leaderboard, showing course progress sorted by which students have earned the most badges. Teachers can view students' real names, but students will only see randomly-generated animal nicknames for each other by default.

The leaderboard scrolls and paginates through the full list of students and course objectives.

Instructor's Leaderboard view

Here is what the Leaderboard looks like in Canvas for an instructor. Instructors also have access to an Objectives tab (students do not). Note that each student's real name is listed above their nickname.

Student's Leaderboard view

Here is what the Leaderboard looks like in Canvas for a student. Note the logged-in student in this example ("Test Student") will see their real name listed above their nickname. The student is ranked fourth for having only earned 2 of 5 available badges.



Students will see their own real name in the Leaderboard, but only an animal nickname for all of the other students. If a student de-selects the Keep my name private checkbox, other students will see that student listed in the Leaderboard by their real name.


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