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Your Canvas server must first be approved to connect to Badgr. If you are the first teacher or administrator to use Badgr on your Canvas installation, or if you see an error message that says your server is not yet authorized to use Badgr, look at the instructions for requesting to use Badgr on my Canvas server.

Other options

Badgr for Canvas may also be added to all courses in an account at once by an administrator. See How do I add Badgr to a Canvas Account or Sub-Account?

To add Badgr to a course in Canvas

Watch a quick video and/or follow the instructions below.

  1. Create an account on using the same email address used as your primary Canvas ID (or add this as a secondary address to an existing Badgr account). Log in.
  2. Click ACCOUNT in the upper-right settings menu in Badgr, (confirm your canvas server URL if necessary), and click APP INTEGRATIONS.


  3. Click the Canvas LTI tile.

  4. Here is the Consumer Key and Shared Secret you need to add to your Canvas installation. Depending on which method you use to add the Badgr app, you may or may not, need to use the Config URL.

  5. In another window or tab, within the Canvas course, navigate to Settings in the left-hand menu and select the Apps tab.
  6. Select Badgr from the list of apps, if connected with the EduAppCenter, or add a new custom integration.
  7. Copy the values for your LTI Consumer Key and Shared Secret into the dialog.
    1. If you are not using the EduAppCenter to install the Badgr app, select By URL, and also copy and paste the configuration URL.

  8. Submit the form and refresh the page.
  9. Observe that a new Badges tab will appear on your left-side course navigation.



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