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You can download a badge to your device and upload it to any Open Badges backpack, or you can share your badge directly to Facebook or LinkedIn from within Badgr

Downloading a portable badge image from a Canvas course

To download a badge from Canvas, navigate to the Badges tab in your course and click the download button below the badge, on the detail popup (see image below). Badgr badges earned in Canvas are automatically added to Badgr's Open Badges-compatible backpack service. Badgr badges can also be uploaded to Mozilla Backpack or Open Badge Passport.


Next Step

Badgr is both an Issuer application and a Backpack Service. That means you can upload Open Badges you've earned anywhere to organize them in Badgr. See How do I upload a badge I've earned to my Badgr account?.

Sharing a badge from my account

Users who store their badges in Badgr can use Collections to organize and share their badges. Create a collection for each different purpose you have to share your badges. Every badge you earn can be in as many collections as you need.

  1. In your account, click the Collections tab
  2. From here, you can add a badge Collection (giving it a Name and Description)
  3. Click the Collection and then click MANAGE  BADGES to select each badge you would like to add to the Collection

Sharing a badge from my student Canvas account

If you use Badgr for Canvas as a student, you can share your badges directly to social media right from the Canvas course!

  1. Select the Badges tab of your Canvas course
  2. Any badges available in the course will appear in the Badgr Progress pane 
  3. Click a badge to view the badge details – badges you have earned will have a green checkmark and the date the badge was earned
  4. You can Download or share your badge on LinkedIn or Facebook by clicking the appropriate button
  5. Either sharing action will open a new window and prompt you to log into the social media service (if you are not already logged in)


Pictured: A badge you haven't earned yet in Canvas (left) and one you have (right). The badge on the right may be downloaded and shared anywhere you need to talk about your achievements.

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