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First, you must install the Badgr app in your course and configure badges to be awarded as students complete modules. See: How do I automatically award badges in a Canvas course? 

In the Badgr app in Canvas, instructors can follow along with the badges students are earning in the Progress tab of their Badgr app.

As students meet the requirements to complete Canvas modules, they become eligible for badges.
Students can view their own progress in the Badgr app as well.

Tracking Course Progress as an Instructor

Once an instructor has configured objectives for their course and connected badges to them – and once students begin completing module requirements – a table of students' progress through the badges the instructor made available will be viewable in the Progress tab. Each time instructors view a page, Badgr will check to make sure the data is fully up-to-date, containing the latest badges students have qualified for.

Instructors may use the search bar at the top of the tab to find a specific student or scroll through the list of students as a whole. They can also request to be emailed a report of up-to-date badge earning data with the Export to CSV option.


Instructors may click a badge to see badge details for an individual student. If a student asks about their badge (or would like to have it emailed to them again), the instructor can click the Email student button to send the student a notification containing their badge. If the instructor determines that a student should not have been awarded a badge, they may revoke it with the Revoke Badge button.

Revoking badges

If an instructor needs to revoke a badge, they should make sure they change the student's completion eligibility in the gradebook so that the student isn't re-awarded the badge the next time progress is checked

Tracking Course Progress as a Student

Students also have a Progress tab in their Badgr app. When they select it, they see an up-to-date reflection of each module completion and the badges they have earned.

Students can click each badge to learn more. Awarded badges are automatically uploaded to an earner's account if they choose to create one. Awarded badges can also be downloaded as a portable, baked Open Badge images that may be uploaded to any other Open Badges-compatible backpack service. They may also share directly to social networks with the built-in sharing buttons.

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