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Individual badge earners

Awarding a badge to a single individual only takes seconds. See How do I manually award a badge in Badgr?

Currently, you cannot award badges to groups of earners at once in the interface; however, we are able to mass-award a badge to a group of earners via a spreadsheet (CSV). In the future, this capability will become available to users directly.

Sending us a CSV for mass-awarding a badge

  1. Make sure that recipient email addresses are present in the CSV
  2. Include your issuer name and the badge(s) you would like to award
  3. Prepare your CSV with at least a column for email address
  4. To award multiple badges to multiple users, provide CSV file(s) with one of the following options:
    1. Send us one CSV file per badge to be awarded, clearly marked in its title with the badge slug or name to be awarded
    2. Send us one CSV file with an email column and a column for each badge slug, clearly marked in the column headings.
  5. Email us the above at

Download a sample CSV template:

Here is a template for a single badge to be awarded to multiple recipients. Download this template and add email addresses as needed, and email it back to us to get your badge awarded to the group at once.



Manually awarded badges won't appear in the Badgr app in Canvas (see How do I use Badgr's course Leaderboard in Canvas?), because they cannot be associated with specific course module completion requirements. We will enable this association in a future release.


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