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In your account, you can manually award a badge to an earner.

Manually awarded badges won't yet appear in the Badgr app in Canvas (see How do I use Badgr's course Leaderboard in Canvas?), because they cannot be associated with specific course module completion requirements. This capability will be enabled in a future release.

Manually awarding a badge

  1. Click the Issuers tab.
  2. Select the issuer that defined the badge you would like to award.
  3. Scroll past "Pathways" and "Groups" to the Badge Classes section.
  4. Find the badge you wish to award, click the Issue button.

  5. From the Badge award page, enter an email address, URL or phone number into Recipient Email area.
  6. Evidence URL is an optional field: You may enter a URL to the evidence for why this earner has earned this badge.
  7. To send an email to the earner, along with a copy of their badge, click the checkbox beside Notify earner by email.
  8. Click the award BADGE button.




Evidence that the earner has completed requirements for a badge might include a YouTube video showing the earner completing a presentation, or a link to an online research paper or photo gallery.


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