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In your account, you can change your primary email address or add additional email addresses. This allows you to upload badges you have earned from a variety of locations that may have been awarded to you via alternate email addresses (e.g., your school email). 

Each Open Badge is awarded to a specific email address, and each email address must be added to Badgr (and verified by you) if you wish to upload to those badges to Badgr.

To add an email address to Badgr

  1. In your account, select Account in the upper right menu, then select Profile from the dropdown menu.


  2. On the Profile page, enter an alias email address and select Add Email.


Changing your primary Badgr email address

Your primary email address is the email address you use to login to your Badgr account. You can change which address is your primary email at any time by selecting Make Primary.


Email verification

If you did not receive a verification email, see Troubleshooting: I didn't get a verification email from Badgr.


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