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An advantage of Open Badges is that they can be displayed on a variety of Open Badges-compliant websites. Sharing your badges can be a great way to be recognized for achievement, or to connect with other people interested in similar badging topics.

In Badgr, you share can single badges or badge collections with users, websites, or social media. Badge collections allow you to curate a selection of appropriate badges to share with a particular audience.

Sharing badges in Badgr

  1. Go to the My Badges or My Collections tab.
  2. Click the SHARE button on the badge or collection.

Sharing badges collections in Badgr

  1. Go to the My Collections tab.
  2. Set the collection you want to share to Public.
  3. Click the SHARE button on the badge or collection.


Sharing Options

  1. Depending on where you would like to share your badge or collection, you can share the URL to your collection (via the Copy button) or by clicking the Facebook or LinkedIn buttons.

  2. If you share to Facebook or LinkedIn, you will need to log in with your own credentials.
  3. For collections, clicking the LinkedIn button will trigger a share to your feed. For single badges sharing to LinkedIn will add badges to the Certification section of your profile.
  4. LinkedIn requires you to add the certification details prior to posting.
  5. Click Save to share your badge.


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