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Badgr Pathways  

Theoretically, pathway structure concepts are well accepted, however operationalizing them into an applied application can be a challenge. Badgr's implementation of pathway structure is based on a hierarchical organized set of elements. Completion of each micro-element can be thought of as the steps that form a pathway to the parent objective(s).

The Badgr pathway structure is not overly complex making it accessible to many use cases, while providing enough structure to offer a common way to think about badge system design, including defining achievement of an individual or organization's learning goals. The graphic below depicts the pathways Badgr employs to support badge earners. In it, you can see the nested structure of elements, modeling real-world relationships between concepts that people understand as categories or containers full of smaller component ideas. Looking at Pathway B, you can see three levels of elements, where some have a badge associated and others have only child pathway elements. A badge may be shared between multiple pathways published by the same issuer.

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Image created by Concentric Sky, 2016