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8. The Add Element button corresponds to the Required Children tile in the Pathways Details window. Select the New Element button, then Add Element, to place other tiles along the Pathway.
9. Select the Element tile in the pathway for editing. Use the pencil to edit the element contents. Use the arrows to move the element to a different location along the pathway where indicated. You may also delete the element.




Elements are


organized in a "Child" and "Parent" structure. Parent level elements can be set up as either Required Badges or Completion Badges.


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Required activities are visually represented with badges on the left and are awarded manually or via Canvas coursework.

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Completion badges are visually represented with a badge on the right and are automatically awarded when criteria are fulfilled.




10. Pathway authors can set up flexible criteria for Parent Completion Badge awards.

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Pathway Example 1

  1. Using the example below, once the pathway follower earns both the "Child" Required Badges, the "Parent" Completion Badge is automatically awarded.
  2. Then, once the Required Badge in the middle column is earned, the Pathway is completed and the Endpoint Badge is automatically awarded.
  3. Be sure to publish your pathway before subscribing followers. Be cautious about making edits to the pathway once followers being their journey.


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To track users along a learning pathway, they must be a member of a group that is subscribed to a pathway.

  • A group can be subscribed to more than one pathway.

  • Any number of groups can be subscribed to the same pathway