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What is Badgr Pro?

Institutions of all sizes can use Badgr Pro to deeply understand and report on course metrics and student learning achievements across the courses in their Canvas account.


  • See how badges are shared – Understand how your students are claiming and sharing their Open Badges to their social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.


We're adding new features

We're adding new features all the time to Badgr Pro to make it a more powerful tool for users.

  • New Opt-in Feature available now! – Badgr Pro now has an opt-in to Badgr protocol for learners. When enabled, learners must opt-in to receiving badges before they are awarded. If a student chooses to opt-out, they will not receive badges and not appear on the Leaderboard. To enable this feature on your Canvas instance, email 

  • Coming soon
    • Track badges in your course that you've awarded in other Canvas courses and outside of Canvas
    • See the name of the issuer in a course and allow the instructor to change the issuer.
    • Understand who is issuing badges with which issuer.  
      • At the account level, see which issuers are associated with which courses.
      • See which staff members have access to which issuers.
    • Associate and lock a specific issuer to courses.

Contact us at for more details and pricing.