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  • New Opt-in Feature available now! – Badgr Pro now has an opt-in to Badgr protocol for learners. Before receiving any badges in coursework, user-When enabled, learners must opt-in to receiving Badgr badges before they are awarded. If a student chooses to opt-out, they will not receive badges and not appear on the Leaderboard. To enable this feature on your Canvas instance, email 

  • Coming soon
    • Track badge awards from different Canvas courses or from right within a single course.badges in your course that you've awarded in other Canvas courses and outside of Canvas. 
    • See the name of the issuer in a course and allow the instructor to change the issuer.
    • Understand who is issuing badges with which issuer.  
      • At the account level, see which issuers are associated with which courses.
      • See which staff members have access to which issuers.
    • Associate and lock a specific issuer to courses.

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