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  1. Log into your Canvas course and click the "Modules" menu.
  2. Click the gear icon that is adjacent to the module title.
  3. Choose edit from the gear menu dropdown.

  4. A dialog box will open that gives you several options for adding prerequisites and requirements.
    Prerequisites are optional, requirements are compulsary.


    Prerequisites cannot be added to the first module in a course. Prerequisites can be used in conjunction with requirements. Prerequisites will not trigger badge awards, only requirements.

  5. Choose the requirement(s) and/or prerequisites that match the goals of your course and badging program. You can get very creative with combinations of requirements. 
    e.g. self-paced courses may opt to use "view the item" or "mark as done" whereas courses with rigor may opt to use "submit the assignment" or "score at least".

  6. Click the "Update Module" button to finish, then observe your completion rules displayed within the module.
    In the example below, the student only has to complete one of the requirements (quiz or lesson plan).



titleChecking Module Completion Rules

You can use the View Progress page to verify that your module completion rules are defined correctly for a given module.

Use that view to navigate between students who should and should not have met the criteria to verify that the criteria are being defined correctly.

If Badgr has awarded badges to students who should not have earned that badge, it means the module completion rules are incorrectly configured in Canvas, and that should be sorted out first.

After correcting that problem, you can either revoke badges that were awarded mistakenly or clear out the badge assigned to the module and reassign it.

Just make sure before doing this that you have fixed the problem with the completion rules so that incorrect badges are not re-awarded the next time Badgr checks progress when you view the progress screen.

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