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(tick) Badgr has been integrated with your Canvas installation (see How do I request to use Badgr on my with Canvas server?)
(tick) Canvas course Modules have been created and published (see Instructure's How do I create a module?)
(tick) Modules have completion requirements – including Assignment, Page, Discussion, or Quiz dependencies (see Instructure's How do I add requirements to a module?)
(tick) Badgr has been added to the course (see How do I add Badgr to a Canvas Course? or How do I add Badgr to an Account?)
(tick) Badges have been designed (see How do I create a badge in Badgr (to award in Badgr)?)
(tick) Students are enrolled in the course (see How do I add users to a course?)
(tick) The course is published (see How do I publish a course?)


Module Completion Requirements trigger badge awards and must be assigned to each module for which you wish to award a badge.
If badges are not being awarded as expected, you may need to establish or adjust your module completion rules.

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