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Not only can you use to create badges, but you can also add collect and organize badges that you've earned (via any Open Badges platform). Adding badges to your badge "backpack" is pretty easy – all you need is a backpack service (like and a badge you've been awarded.



Canvas users
Badgr badges awarded in a Canvas LMS course or via will automatically upload to an individual's account.

Start here with a quick video!

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Downloading your open badge from an email

Recipients of Open Badges may receive their badge in an email. From there, earners can take the badge into any Open Badges-compatible backpack provider of choice, even Badgr. 

  1. Open the email and click the DOWNLOAD button.
    1. If your badge opens in a web browser, right click (or "ctrl"+ click) the image and select "Save As" to save the image to your computer.
    2. If your badge automatically downloads, check the Downloads folder on your computer.
  2. Be sure to retain the file format when saving your badge.

Adding badges to your Badgr backpack

  1. In your Badgr account, click MY BADGES to open your badge backpack

  2. Click ADD BADGE

  3. You can upload your badge directly or by entering some additional information
    1. Badge image – you can upload your badge directly if you have been sent the badge (via email) or have downloaded it from another service.
    2. PASTE BADGE URL – URL assertions are "baked" into a badge image so that a badge can be verified by various services (for example, a badge backpack). Sometimes, a badge doesn't have an image associated with it, or is otherwise not downloaded, and can be added to a backpack service by inputting the Assertion URL
  4. Once uploaded, your badge will appear under MY BADGES. Click the badge to view badge details.


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