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Badges will not be awarded to students flagged with an orange exclamation point until the course enrollment has been accepted or until Badgr has been granted access to the student's email address.


As a teacher, when on the Progress page of the Badges course navigation, you may see a student's name flagged with an orange exclamation point

There are two reasons why this may occur.

  1. The student has not accepted the course enrollment (as indicated by the hover text).
  2. Badgr cannot access a student's email address from the Canvas instance.



If the student has accepted the course enrollment invitation and is an active participant in the course, your Canvas permission settings may need to be adjusted.

  1. Contact your Canvas admin.
  2. Navigate to the sub-account or root level where the affected course is located.
  3. Select "Permissions" from the account navigation menu.
  4. In the permissions table, find "Users - view primary email address."
  5. Ensure that teacher access is enabled with a green check (tick).



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