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The Groups feature is used to organize badge recipients into different segments or cohorts, so that they may be tracked along a Learning Pathway.



To track users along a learning pathway, they must be a member of a group that is subscribed to a pathway.

  • A group can be subscribed to more than one pathway.

  • Any number of groups can be subscribed to the same pathway

  1. Create an account or log in at You will need to authorize the Pathways app the first time you connect your account.

  2. Your Pathways Dashboard will show the pathways you are subscribed to as a learner, followed by a list of Issuers you've created.
  3. Select View Issuer or the link to create a new issuer(s) in Badgr



You must create and publish a Learning Pathway prior to subscribing, creating and/or adding groups.


How do I create a group in Badgr?

  1. Create or select the published pathway.
  2. Select Create your first group now or Manage Groups.
    1. To Create a New Group, provide a group name and description. Select Create Group.

  3. Add members using the panel on the right-hand side of the screen.
    1. You may edit the Group information by selecting the ellipsis controls adjacent to the Group name.
    2. You may remove Group Members, resend invitations or view a Member's pathway progress by selecting the ellipsis controls adjacent to the Member's name.

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