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Compare Badgr and Badgr ProUnknown User (shad)Feb 21, 2019
How do I add Badgr to a Canvas Account or Sub-Account?Unknown User (shad)Feb 12, 2019
Checklist for awarding badges in a Canvas courseUnknown User (shad)Jan 25, 2019
How do I share my badges in Badgr?Unknown User (shad)Jan 14, 2019
How do I add Badgr to a Canvas Course?Unknown User (shad)Jan 10, 2019
How do I change the default issuer in my Canvas course?Kim HammondDec 28, 2018
How do I allow others to create and/or award badges from my Issuer?Unknown User (shad)Oct 08, 2018
How to install the Badgr Pathways LTI app in CanvasKim HammondAug 27, 2018
How do I request to use Badgr with Canvas?Unknown User (shad)Aug 09, 2018
How can I print my badges?Kim HammondAug 08, 2018
Badgr Pro Feature: Track Externally Awarded badges in Canvas CoursesKim HammondAug 08, 2018
How do I create a badge in Badgr (to award)?Unknown User (shad)Jul 18, 2018
How do I hide or unhide the "Badges" menu item in a Canvas course?Unknown User (shad)May 30, 2018
How do I use Badgr's course Leaderboard in Canvas?Unknown User (shad)May 07, 2018
How do I automatically award badges in a Canvas course?Unknown User (shad)Mar 15, 2018
How do I share my badges from Canvas?Kim HammondJan 31, 2018
How do I manually award a badge in Badgr?Unknown User (shad)Dec 29, 2017
How do I accept evidence URLs in Canvas courses?Nate OttoDec 21, 2017
How do I track Canvas course progress as a Teacher using Badgr?Unknown User (shad)Dec 08, 2017
How do I add an email address to Badgr or change my primary email?Unknown User (shad)Dec 01, 2017

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