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  • [BGR-857] - Issuer Entity ID is displaying on Bulk Import Members screen
  • [BGR-2246] - Safari - Badge dropdown on Objectives screen does not scroll
  • [BGR-2258] - Descenders in the text for the newsletter copy are cut off
  • [BGR-2274] - ToS dialog doesn't display correctly coming from Pathways
  • [BGR-2331] - QA Session - Release Checklist (Groovy)
  • [BGR-2346] - Automatically provision CanvasIntegration for new instructure-hosted launch
  • [BGR-2375] - Contact Email drop-down is not populated in Create Issuer form
  • [BGR-2376] - Error when awarding a badge


  • [BGR-1121] - /v2/backpack should have an ?expand parameter to allow for fetching badge and issuer information all in one call
  • [BGR-2034] - Implement - Pagination of Assertions endpoint
  • [BGR-2155] - GDPR Compliant award notification
  • [BGR-2232] - Update pattern for login buttons to support any number of SSO auth icons
  • [BGR-2237] - Add Share to Pinterest Button to UI
  • [BGR-2238] - Image Asset for Pinterest Share Button
  • [BGR-2365] - Disable Azure SSO for the Groovy Release


  • [BGR-2194] - Create a Docker-based cluster for load testing
  • [BGR-2233] - Create service to report Redis Queue size
  • [BGR-2267] - reorganize celery task queues
  • [BGR-2287] - Implement rate limiting on resend verification mail / forgot password
  • [BGR-2303] - Create a large course in Canvas
  • [BGR-2321] - change celery task timeouts and associated frontend retry wait time
  • [BGR-2324] - secondary Django setting for Badgebook base URL
  • [BGR-2370] - QA Session - Ticket Review (Groovy RC2)
  • [BGR-2381] - groovy CHANGELOG and merge to master
  • [BGR-2383] - QA Session - Ticket Review (Groovy RC3)
  • [BGR-2384] - QA Session - Smoke test Prod Docker switchover

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