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Before you can begin awarding badges through your Canvas course, there are several prerequisites that must be completed first. Once you've completed these steps, you're all set to configure Badgr to award Open Badges automatically in your course (see How do I automatically award badges in a Canvas course?).


(tick) Badgr has been integrated with your Canvas installation (see How do I request to use Badgr on my Canvas server?)
(tick) Canvas course Modules have been created and published (see Instructure's How do I create a module?)
(tick) Modules have completion requirements – including Assignment, Page, Discussion, or Quiz dependencies (see Instructure's How do I add requirements to a module?)
(tick) Badgr has been added to the course (see How do I add Badgr to a Canvas Course? or How do I add Badgr to an Account?)
(tick) Badges have been designed (see How do I create a badge in Badgr (to award)?)
(tick) Students are enrolled in the course (see How do I add users to a course?)
(tick) The course is published (see How do I publish a course?)

Module Completion Requirements trigger badge awards and must be assigned to each module for which you wish to award a badge.
If badges are not being awarded as expected, you may need to establish or adjust your module completion rules.


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