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Badgr Server Locations

Badgr is committed to securing your personal data while continuing to make it easy to award and receive Open Badges.



Badgr is GDPR compliant as of January 2019.

With changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU), and bolstered by similar regulations in Canada and Australia, the Badgr Team has made the following updates:

Our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service has been updated to ensure users are clear about what personal data Badgr collects and how it’s protected. We've additionally, self-certified as compliant with the Privacy Shield Framework.

Data residency offerings have been introduced to allow data to be stored and processed in the EU ( and Australia ( We also offer data storage in Canada (

We hope that our GDPR compliance and regional servers makes your experience with Badgr even better. Please contact us if you have any questions:

Know your Rights

Badge Issuers may provide Badgr with your email address and the data about your achievement contained within a badge award. If you have questions about a badge you received, please contact the issuer directly.

You may request a copy of your data, request removal of data about you, or request to have incorrect information updated by contacting