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We've spun up a Badgr server in Canada!

Now, Canadians can store Badgr data in their own country.

Canadian users can create free Badgr accounts at to collect, organize, share, design and award Open Badges. Get the same features and functionality you expect from Badgr using a FIPPA compliant service.

Our Canadian-hosted servers are managed by Concentric Sky's team of highly skilled System Engineers. All new features and bug fixes are rolled out as soon as they are available. We adhere to industry best practices and provide ongoing security maintenance for Badgr servers. We perform backups and establish recovery procedures while monitoring for consistent uptime.

The Badgr LTI is also available as a paid service for those institutions using a self-hosted or Instructure-hosted Canvas LMS. Badgr Pro for Canada comes with all the features Badgr Pro offers, at the same price.



Note: Canadians who want to move their existing accounts to the new servers should contact us with questions.